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Welcome to Holid.IO
Holid is a publisher hub that has changed how website owners monetize their inventory. We help publishers take on new heights by aggregating the best adtech.

How much can you earn?

Use our calculator to see how much Holid can make you earn from your website:

Visitors per month

500 000

Page views per visit


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Traffic Value

Revenue / month


Revenue / year


Estimated revenues are a guide and assume a reasonably competitive setup.

What we do

Holid works differently, we believe in the strength of niched technologies in the advertising industry which we aggregate to provide a full service solution to publishers. We have several key areas which we focus on in order to provide a great solution.


Automatization reduces our need of administration. We focus on developing your revenue and our systems instead.

Technical Scouting

We constantly scout for new technologies in order to find new streams of revenue.

Yield Optimization

We achieve better results through dynamic pricing. Floor price is continuously optimized to achieve the highest possible RPM.

Data Analysis

Smart Data Management gives us knowledge about your users and their intents.


We work to provide the easiest finance solutions for you as a publisher. From self billing which remove unnecessary invoicing to partners that can help you with stable cashflow.


We offer multiple support options and quick response times on chat, email or phone. We’re available when you need us.

Some words from our publishers

We make sure to unite the sales platforms and analytical tools that are needed to increase revenue and long-term relations with advertisers. You as a publisher have the knowledge of your visitors, and we make the most out of the potential that this creates. We are your partner that allows you to give life to your amazing products without having to worry about the development of revenue streams. Feel free to reach out if you would like to talk directly with our publishers.



We offer header bidding solutions which allows several SSPs to compete for your adunits in the same request with minimized loading time.


With local and global knowledge of the most relevant display formats we offer programmatic display served through header bidding or script based.


We have several native platforms which provides quality advertorials as stand alone or in combination with your organic content.


We offer in stream and out stream video formats.

Reporting in one system

Our UI gives you daily statistics from all SSPs and platforms gathered in one report.

Local sales

We broker private deals with media agencies and direct campaigns with advertisers.








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