Bjorn Eriksson

Björn Eriksson has been working within the media industry the last decade starting his early career at Microsoft A&O (Advertising & Online) devision that were the first to establish programmatic advertising in the Nordics, first with MAX(Microsoft ad exchange) and later on the Appnexus supply side platform.

After Microsoft he started working with the Nordic sales house Sellbranch rolling out Improve Digital and the holistic approach to many international and local publishers looking for Nordic representation.

Before founding Holid Björn served as CMO, CPO, Board Member and Advisor for multiple Fintech and Martech scaleups, responsible for rolling out their platforms and growing their customer base.

Working with Holid Björn has in his roles as CPO (2018-2019) and CEO (2019-Present) helped over 500 websites with establishing programmatic setups through Holids platform and ecosystem.

CEO & Founder