Website Categories That Excel in Monetizing with Online Advertising

Written by: Bjorn Eriksson
August 30, 2023

Are you pondering which types of websites generate the most revenue through online advertising? Understanding the categories that are most likely to attract advertising clicks is a crucial step in monetizing your site and maximizing your income. In this article, we’ll explore three types of websites that have proven highly successful in generating revenue with supply-side platforms (SSPs). And if you’re looking for more insights on website monetization, don’t miss our comprehensive guide on how to monetize your website in 2023.

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Content-Rich Blogs: Blogs that Offer Unique Content:

The world of blogging is vast and diverse, with niches to satisfy almost every interest. Blogs that consistently offer fresh and engaging content are prime candidates for successful advertising. Here’s why:

  • High Traffic: SEO-optimized blogs attract a large number of daily visitors. Through targeted keyword use and adherence to SEO best practices, blogs can rank higher in search engine results. This increased visibility drives more organic traffic, as users searching for relevant content are more likely to find and click on the blog.
  • Relevance: Advertisers prefer platforms that align with their products or services. By utilizing native advertising, blogs with specific themes can seamlessly integrate ads into their content. These relevant, non-intrusive ads blend with the site’s aesthetic, encouraging more clicks and enhancing the user experience.
  • Placement Opportunities: Strategic placement of ads within the content, below navigation, and around whitespace can significantly enhance click-through rates.


Interactive Forum Sites: A Community-Driven Approach:

Forum sites can be a goldmine for advertising revenue, offering a different pathway to monetization compared to traditional blogs. Here’s what makes forums stand out:

  • User Engagement: People come to forums to discuss topics they’re passionate about. High user engagement means more eyeballs on ads.
  • Diverse Content: Various threads and discussions create multiple opportunities for ad placement.
  • Build a Brand: By establishing authority on specific subjects, forums can create a loyal user base.


Free Online Tool Websites: Providing Value through Tools:

Websites that offer valuable free online tools can attract massive daily traffic. These sites are ideal for monetization through advertising. Here’s why:

  • High Utility: If the tools provided are useful, visitors are likely to return, creating repeated opportunities for ad clicks.
  • Relevant Ad Placement: Displaying ads that align with the tool’s purpose can result in higher click-through rates.
  • Multiple Advertising Spaces: Utilizing headers, footers, and sidebar areas for ads increases monetization potential.


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Exploring Other Opportunities: Beyond Blogs, Forums, and Tool Sites:

While content-rich blogs, interactive forums, and free online tool websites are highly effective at monetizing through advertising, other categories also hold potential. E-commerce sites can leverage product recommendation ads, while news and entertainment sites can benefit from display and video advertising. Educational platforms may find success with contextual ads related to courses or learning materials. Even niche hobby sites can create revenue through targeted affiliate advertising. Diversifying your approach and understanding your audience will open doors to various monetization strategies, fitting the unique character and purpose of your site.



When it comes to earning money from ads on a website, not all websites are created equal. Content-rich blogs, interactive forum sites, and free online tool websites stand out as the three categories that have demonstrated remarkable success in generating RPM (Revenue per Mille).

By understanding these models and tailoring your strategy accordingly, you can maximize your advertising income. Remember, optimizing ad placement and choosing the best SSPs that align with your content will play a significant role in your success.

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